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Рассылка 'наша власть: дела и лица'

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Каталог ресурсов Сибири
Новая реальность XXI века
Каталог+поисковая система
Иван Сусанин - новый каталог Интернет ресурсов
Ивлим.Ру: информация и развлечения - Аннотированный каталог ресурсов интернет. Система поиска по каталогу.
("Our power: business and people")

- unique means of an information exchange between representatives of various branches and levels of the government, political and business circles of the Russian Federation
  • estimations of development of a political and economic situation in the country
  • The analysis of reforming of the Russian economy; problems of development of bank system of Russia
  • Experience of becoming of a civil society; problems of the CIS and the Russian diaspora

The Nasha Vlast: Dela I Litsa journal is available by subscription and is dispatched according to a mail-list

The magazine is registered in the Ministry of the Russian Federation on affairs of a seal of tele-radio broadcasting and means of mass communications.
Registration Certificate: ПИ №77–5449 of 22.09.2000
Founder and Publisher: Closed Joint-Stock Company Nasha Vlast

We are promoting Russia’s good name!